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Staff of Oasis Spa is IMPORTANT.

Our People

Our staff is our most important resource we have at Oasis Spa. Great people form the basis of our company’s growth and prosperity. We are proud of our outstanding staff which comes from all parts of Thailand and several different countries. We also have people from many of the different ethnic groups in Thailand. Oasis Spa is committed to providing employment opportunities for people who are physically challenged as well. Oasis Spa takes its role in the community seriously and works with the authorities to integrate young people under the protection of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, as well as older people, who need employment opportunities, into its dedicated workforce.

thai oasis spa school

Education is fundamental to Oasis Spa’s uniqueness. The Oasis Spa Therapists and Massage Training course syllabus has been certified and is recognized by the Thailand Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health and The Office of Employees Skills and Development. Oasis Spa has been foremost among Thai day spas in creating high standards for massage and in making unique and innovative improvements in existing guidelines.

Our Commitment

Oasis Spa employs more than 500 people and each one shares the desire to enrich the lives of our customers. We are committed to the continued development of new locations, evolving ever more effectual treatments and taking our high-quality service to an even higher level. We believe that as we satisfy our customers, we flourish as a business, benefit our employees, and meet our socio-cultural responsibilities. We find that the conscientious performance of our jobs has a genuine effect on our guests’ lives and provides us with real satisfaction.